Regulations of Products

In Australia the therapeutic goods industry is governed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The TGA requires that manufacturers of therapeutic goods hold a license and that all manufacturers meet the TGA’s strict guidelines before products are passed onto the consumer.

Therapeutic goods are medicinal products or therapeutic devices which are used to diagnose and treat diseases, ailments, defects or injuries in people. Unless therapeutic goods can be reliably manufactured to high standards of quality, they can be ineffective or cause harm to the consumers.

Australia has developed good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines or codes which describe the principles and practices that must befollowed in order to guarantee that each batch of a therapeutic good is safe, reliable and of consistent high quality.

The Royal Earth Laboratories incorporates the expertise of an established regulatory affairs team to look after formulas review and TGA registration.The team at Royal Earth laboratories is committed to providing the best quality products to consumers. We pride ourselves to bring consumers the Australia’s only TGA approved detox and hangover relief.