Message our Head Bio Chemist

Thank you so much and welcome to the exciting world of Royal Earth Laboratories.

Here I would like to personally introduce you to our company and thank you for spending your time to find out more about Royal Earth Laboratories and its amazing products.

Royal Earth Laboratories is a natural health supplement company dedicated to helping you and thousands of other people maintain and improve their general health.

Through science and innovation we get the best out of nature and supply a comprehensive range of quality products which are manufactured to the highest standards in Australia.

As the first company in Australia to introduce a combined hangover relief and detoxification formula our health products are full of wholesome quality ingredients from around the world.

It is this knowledge, dedication and innovation that result in Royal Earth Laboratories being able to supply a range of superior products that promote and encourage fantastic health and well being.

Our core objective is to provide you with quality health products using only the best ingredients that deliver superior formulations in a convenient dose.

At Royal Earth Laboratories, you deserve to have health products that you can trust and believe in. That’s why Royal Earth labs will continually strive to deliver quality health products and therapeutic benefits to our customers at affordable prices at all times.

Thank you for visiting us and choosing Royal Earth Laboratories.

Vlad Andonovski, Ph.D.
Head Bio Chemist